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Please call (970) 368-2668, 9-5PM, or e-mail Tim Nixon at tim@timinspects.com
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Tim Nixon/ Dream Home Inspections Owner and Certied Home Inspector

Tim Nixon/ Certified Home Inspector

"I strive to provide the best home inspection service by being professional, knowledgeable and objective with every property inspection. Your final home inspection report is presented by myself at the end of the inspection, and documented with professional photographs. This is my commitment to you." -Tim Nixon

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A Home Inspection Protects You.

Discover the current condition of your chosen property before you buy.

Mountain Dream Home Inspection

A Presentation Quality Report

A Dream Home Inspections report is perfect for helping you to decide if this property is right for you. That's because my custom report features a high quality picture of each of the properties components, so you see what I see, with its condition and any comments.

Dream Home Inspections Sample Report

Home Inspection Living Room

You Don't Want Surprises

I am a Colorado Homeowner Builder, since 1985 and specialize in Summit County, CO home inspections. As a construction and mechanical generalist who has worked in most every aspect of construction, I have the experience and tools to discover hidden defects.

Home Inspection with Infrared Camera

Every Dream Home Inspection
includes Infrared Thermography

The best way to inspect in-floor radiant heat. A home inspector who does not use an infrared camera is not seeing the whole picture. Infrared thermography also helps to find problems like damp walls, and poor insulation.

Radon Home Inspection

Smoking and Radon Gas are the Leading Causes of Lung Cancer

Radon is air born radiation from the earth. A building can act as a vacuum and suck it in. Over half of tested homes in Summit County are above the EPA safe level. A radon test takes 48 hours and begins when ordered with your Dream Home inspection.


"Tim did a great job. Right after the inspection, we talked about the house and he answered all of our questions."

"The inspection report is outstanding. By itself it could have sold the property with all of the great pictures."

"My wife and I are both engineers, so we asked a lot of questions. Tim answered them, plus included internet links in the final report so we could fully understand what we were buying."

"The pre-inspection report from the seller was long and involved, so of course, I glanced through it. Tim read the report and then verified that the house was a potential fire hazard with poorly connected aluminum wiring. Tim gave me three options with internet links to fix the wiring. Now we know why our new home was below market value."

"Tim uses an infrared camera to look for hidden water damage and he found an outside basement wall that looked fine but the IR camera showed that it was soaked. The rest of the four building unit had the same problem, so not only did Tim find this problem and its cause, he solved it for our new neighbors too."

"Buying a home is a stressful situation and hiring a home inspector is the only way to get an objective opinion. Talking with Tim after his inspection is so comforting because his only motive is that we make an informed decision."

"Thank you!!! You are appreciated!! :)

"Thanks so much Tim.  The pictures are excellent and will be a big help.  Great job!! "


TV Interview Transcript with Tim Nixon/ Dream Home Inspections

Why should I hire a home inspector?

It's better than bringing your mechanic to a used car lot. He will check it out, but he will also offer to fix it. A home inspectors main incentive is to report on the current condition of your dream home, good or bad. It's completely objective. A typical buyer, at one time myself included, is mainly concerned with location, price, view and can be distracted by how clean and well presented the home looks. An inspector goes through a long list of items and looks for common problems, safety concerns and only admires the view while up inspecting the roof. Any issues are only reported to you and this information is used in your final assessment and negotiation.

When should I hire a home inspector?

Buyers should make a real estate contract contingent on a home inspection, so they can renegotiate a real estate contract if expensive problems are discovered. Sellers should have an inspection done before putting their home on the market, to find and fix problems that could turn a buyer away. Plus, my report is a great selling tool once all of the concerns are either fixed or reflected in the selling price.

How is a home inspector different from a building inspector, an appraiser, and an assessor?

A building inspector checks for code compliance while a home is being built or renovated with a building permit. An assessor works for a lender and an appraiser works for the tax collector and both are concerned with how much a home is worth. A home inspector works as an objective third party and determines the current condition of the home.

Does a home inspector check for building code compliance?

No. Home inspectors are not building inspectors and do not have any legal authority. We look for and report to the client about existing and potential problems, plus any observed safety concerns.

What do you want people to know about your business?

I'm honest, knowledgable, experienced and almost a local, living in Summit County, CO for close to 30 years. I am mechanically inclined and do all of my own maintence on everything I own including bikes, cars, computers and appliances. I have also remodeled, repaired and upgraded several houses as a home owner, landlord, and investor. I may fix things during an inspection, like a loose shower head or a stuck sump pump because it may be easier than writing it up. I also have years of media experience including photography, so my inspections and reports are well planned and presented, including contracts, scheduling and even available suggestions for staging a home for sale .

What is your experience with home inspection?

My experience began with being on the receiving end of an inspection. I bought my house in Frisco, CO in 1985 when home inspectors were rare and my bank appraiser demanded that repairs be done by his construction company before approving the loan. Now, home inspectors are an objective third party by having no connection with the lender or contractors. As a home owner builder who has built everything along side licensed professionals from ditch to pitch, I became a home inspector through the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

What does it take to become a home inspector?

A good home inspector has to know a lot about construction and I mean all aspects of construction. That's me. From architecture and engineering, through plumbing, electrical and heating systems to being an overall handyman. With this experience comes the knowledge of building codes and why these codes were made. That is why good home inspectors are older, because it takes a lifetime to learn this information. We are also up on many old and new building technologies because we have to know if something was built right or wrong.

What problems have you found?

The State of Colorado allows a home owner to build and fix their own house, so I've witnessed many creative building techniques, including my own early attempts. The biggest problems have been when people remodel their homes without building permits. Safety items don't get installed like fire escapes or smoke alarms.

What tools do you use?

A home inspection is primarily a visual inspection of a home with a final report given to the client. My best tool starts with my knowledge and experience so I know what to look for and where to find any answers. I work with technology in all aspects of my business, so my tools are cutting edge. A smart camera with custom reporting software that I helped to develop that includes a picture for every inspected item. I use an infrared camera with every home inspection because it literally lets me see through walls, floors and ceilings. I use the internet, to sign contracts, deliver reports, share high resolution pictures and answer or find answers for follow up questions.

How long does it take to do a home inspection?

Booking an inspection takes only a few minutes and you get a final report a few hours after the inspection. The home inspection process takes about half a day depending on the size of the house. I then usually meet with my client afterwards to go over my findings and to show them safety features of the home, like where the water, fuel and electrical shut-off switches are located.

What does it cost to get a home inspection?

The cost of home inspection is based on the size of the house and averages about $400 for a 3 bed/ bath home. I also offer a free re-inspection to see if any issues were fixed and have the original photographs for your use, including any infrared photo's. Plus, as with any professional, I'm insured with a signed contract.

How do I get a home inspection?

Call me. You get a contract, an inspection, and an objective report on your dream home, all within a few days.

Please call or text (970) 368-2668, 9-5PM, or e-mail tim@timinspects.com
to schedule your Dream Home Inspection.

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